Throttle Controls

Conrader Throttle Controls are used to regulate the engine speed on gas engine-driven compressors in continuous run operation. These controls are used in conjunction with a pilot valve and an unloader valve. When the compressor reaches the unload (cut-out) pressure the pilot valve sends a pneumatic signal to the throttle control which actuates and extends to reduce the engine speed. As the compressed air is used and the compressor reaches the load (cut-in) pressure the pneumatic signal is discharged by the pilot and the throttle control retracts to return the engine to normal operation speed. Using a throttle control will save fuel and extend the life of the compressor and engine.

Cable Style Throttle Control

Conrader Cable Style Throttle Controls are mounted on the pilot valve or elsewhere on the compressor and the cable end is connected to the engine throttle arm. These are of…

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Airline Style Throttle Control

Conrader Airline Style Throttle Controls are mounted on the engine and connected to the throttle. These are of brass construction with viton seals, stainless steel springs…

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